After last week’s snow/cold days, Everest Academy students are enjoying Catholic Schools Week – Take Two. The theme for this year’s Catholic Schools Week is: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed. Everest is truly blessed to be able to share in the crucial mission of Catholic education. We are also proud to offer our students an opportunity to experience the universality of the Catholic faith as we join with
other Catholic schools around the country in this year’s celebration of Catholic Schools Week 2019.

Mountaineer Monday began with the monthly pep assembly and awarding of January’s Mountaineers of the Month. After being unveiled at December’s alumni basketball games, the assembly also brought the formal introduction of the Mountaineer mascot to the academy students. At the conclusion of the assembly, the preschool class led the academy in the singing of the fight song.

“At Everest, we have plenty of opportunities to learn, serve, lead, and succeed. We have opportunities to learn when we are in class listening to our teachers. We have opportunities to serve by serving others or the Lord. We can serve others by helping them with school or things outside of school. We have opportunities to lead when we present things in class or lead a team to accomplish something in some way. We have the opportunity to succeed when we can earn awards and knowledge that can be useful to us in the future.” -Joey Morrison, 8th grade

Monday’s activities also included the tug-of-war competition and lightening basketball competition.