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Congratulations to the January Mountaineers of the Month! Our elementary students exemplified the virtue of the month of generosity. Our middle school students focused on a specific aspect of generosity: generous self-giving.

Mason Trupiano

“Mason is extremely generous with his things and is a wonderful example of putting others before himself.  He always looks for ways to be generous with his classmates and friends.  Mason really understands how to make sacrifices and do without, so that others may have what they want.” – Mrs. Reichert, Junior Kindergarten

Ava Pruchnicki

“Ava believes that everything we have is a gift from God.  She is always thankful for her time with her friends and is willing to share.  Ava even gave her teacher a few puzzle pieces with a happy heart because she  didn’t have any. She is also appreciative of her gifts.”  – Mrs. McGrath, Kindergarten

Joseph Moran

“Joseph is a very thoughtful and sensitive young man who thinks of others’ feelings and appreciates what others do for him.  He has a jovial disposition and sees the good in others. He works hard in class and is generous to his classmates with everything that God has blessed him with.” – Mrs. Ohlinger, Third Grade

Devin Dietrich

“Devin always goes above and beyond to help those around her. She often puts the needs of others before herself and happily makes small sacrifices. Devin is a very kind and caring classmate. Her generosity and positive attitude makes her a leader in our classroom.” – Mrs. DePorre, Third Grade

Victor Decrescenzo

“Victor is very generous and giving to others. He is the first one to offer assistance to me with anything I need in the classroom. He understands that his time and talent are to be used to glorify God and shows this on a daily basis. For all these reasons and more, I nominate Victor for the virtue of generous self-giving.” Mrs. Beggs, Eighth Grade

Caroline Beggs

“Caroline always goes the extra mile to help her teachers and her fellow classmates. She exemplifies the virtue of generosity.” – Mrs. Radich, Religion

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