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Eric Rodman and Ashley Ayers, dog trainers from Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester, came to Everest Collegiate High School & Academy to share their four furry students on January 10.  These dutiful pups- Cricket, Iris, Hope Francine, and Korky- spent four months of their life learning how to lead clients with visual impairments.  Eric and Ashley demonstrated some of their training at Everest in hopes that these puppies would also become masters in the classroom, since some are going to clients who spend their days in schools.

Everest students saw the dogs find doors, navigate around obstacles, and focus on attending their handlers in every situation.   These Labrador Retrievers and lab mixes will soon be paired up with their new owners as they “graduate”, to help guide their owners in their important new “careers”.  Of course, when not on duty, these puppies loved the deserving pets and attention from Everest students and enjoyed their time in a new environment.  Thanks to Leader Dogs for allowing the Everest students to help with your training and for the cool bookmarks and pencils you brought with you!  We’re happy to support these honorable leaders!

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