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Congratulations to the May Mountaineers of the Month who demonstrated the virtue of perseverance!

Everett Rohner

“I would like to nominate Everett Rohner for Mountaineer of the Month for perseverance. Everett has consistently pushed himself this year to improve his skills in junior kindergarten. Since the beginning of the year, Everett has recognized his need to improve on a given skill and always does his very best to make it happen. Everett is a wonderful example to his friends in the virtue of perseverance.” -Mrs. Reichert, Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Lenis Babaj

“I would like to nominate Lenis Babaj for Mountaineer of the Month for perseverance. Lenis is bilingual, which can be hard at such a young age. Lenis has worked very hard on learning how to communicate with his friends. He works hard in the classroom and always wants to do his best. Whenever Lenis has a challenging moment, he perseveres and keeps going. Lenis is a wonderful example to his classmates in the virtue of perseverance.” -Mrs. Reichert, Junior Kindergarten Teacher

James Ashby

“I would like to nominate James Ashby for Mountaineer of the Month. James displays the virtue of perseverance on daily basis. If a skill does not come easily, he does not back down from it. He is always practicing his reading and developing his fine motor skills. If James starts a task, he finishes it with his whole heart. James has grown socially, academically, and spiritually this year!” -Mrs. McGrath, Kindergarten Teacher

Joshua Neiman

“Joshua has made tremendous progress this year because of his effort and determination. Joshua is a wonderful example of perseverance. When skills were more difficult, Joshua was never defeated. He would try even harder with an enthusiastic and positive attitude! Joshua’s success can be contributed to his perseverance.” -Mrs. Van Pelt, First-Grade Teacher

Mary Ashby

“Mary developed a habit of perseverance throughout the school year. This was most evident through her obedience. Mary always set goals for herself, and with her determination, they were almost always met. She never gave up trying. Mary also demonstrated effort and perseverance academically. She was always striving to do better by giving 100% effort.” -Mrs. Van Pelt, First-Grade Teacher

Ryer Wilson

“I would like to nominate Ryer Wilson for the virtue of perseverance. Ryer tries so hard in school, and he has grown so much, especially in reading.  Things do not always come easily to Ryer. That doesn’t stop him though. He puts 100% effort into everything he does. He perseveres through the tough stuff with a great attitude and a smile on his face. Congratulations, Ryer, on this well-deserved nomination!” -Mrs. Mick, First-Grade Teacher

Troy Szasz

“Troy has learned that, with perseverance, difficult tasks will become easier. Troy has always wanted to do his best. With determination and effort, Troy made great progress. He shows perseverance by practicing harder skills.  Troy never gives up!” -Mrs. Van Pelt, First-Grade Teacher

Danielle Gabriel

“Danielle is a good example of perseverance. She came into the school year with goals, and she is leaving having achieved them.  Danielle kept working on them no matter how difficult it got. I am proud of her and the goals that she reached.” -Miss Wildrick, Second-Grade Teacher

Donovan Denver

“Donovan started school with certain goals that he wanted to reach, and he kept working on them until he achieved them. He kept working on them no matter how hard it was. Donovan is ending the year with his goals reached and a feeling of accomplishment. Way to go, Donovan!” -Miss Wildrick, Second-Grade Teacher

Georgia Van Wagoner

“Georgia is a wonderful example of the virtue of perseverance. Georgia is very persistent when it comes to reaching the goals she set for herself, especially academically. She never gave up no matter how hard or how long it took her to achieve them. Keep up the hard work! I’m very proud of you!” -Miss Wildrick, Second-Grade Teacher

Mary Pontillo

“I nominate Mary Pontillo for Mountaineer of the Month for the virtue of perseverance. Mary is constantly striving to improve in the classroom and out on the athletic field. She shows this virtue daily by her hard work in class and her study habits at home. When she encounters obstacles, she embraces help from others and never gives up.” -Mrs. Ohlinger, Third-Grade Teacher

Marco McHugh

“When discussing the virtue of this month, students shared that someone who perseveres is someone who works hard, believes in himself or herself, tries their best and never gives up. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, perseverance is defined as continued effort and determination and is crucial in achieving success.

This month, Marco McHugh is a student who exemplified perseverance. Marco works hard both within and outside of the classroom. As an avid hockey player, Marco uses his class time to study hard, participate in lessons, and complete his schoolwork. In addition to having this month’s virtue, Marco embodies several of the other virtues. He is kind, respectful, honest, obedient, and charitable. Marco continually strives to always put forth his best. It is with honor that I nominate Marco McHugh as this month’s Mountaineer of the Month.” -Mrs. Motyka, Fourth-Grade Teacher

Abby Londeck

“Abby Londeck has shown much growth through her hard work this year.  She has worked through difficulties and has built inner strength in order to achieve her goals. Abby’s work ethic extended beyond the classroom as well. Did you know that nearly every day this school year, Abby has helped bring Mrs. Radich’s bags to her classroom? We are so proud that Abby has learned to persevere.” -Mr. Sapienza, Fifth-Grade Teacher

Jacob Luginski

“Jacob Luginski exemplifies the virtue of perseverance.  He puts his head down and works. He displays fortitude even when he is tired, not feeling well, or facing some other difficulty. He sees his goal and understands that just like in sports, one must work hard in order to achieve that goal. Without being prompted, Jacob will ask for his work or even ask for the answers to check his work if he was absent.  That is the virtue of perseverance.” -Mrs. Barone, Fifth-Grade Teacher