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The high school formation team recently spent an afternoon with the tenth graders at their sophomore class seminar. The workshop titled “A Change in Perspective” was aimed at combating the challenges of sophomore year with a positive perspective and renewed purpose. The students participated in a series of activities that centered around  communication, class bonding, and recognition of the gifts God has given them. Students shared what they enjoyed about the seminar:

“I liked that we did a group activity with the girls that helped us to see ourselves from other people’s perspectives.” – Becca Berney

“It was fun to work in a group and to get to know each other better.” -Zoë Abraham

“My favorite part was playing the game pañuelo because we had the opportunity to work as a team.” -Noah Bobcean

“I liked how we had a chance to bond with our classmates that we don’t always see during the normal school day.” -Nolan Alban