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The first-grade boys and girls were excited to spend the morning with their mothers at the end of October.

In his homily, Fr. Thomas asked the students if they were to throw the world’s best birthday party and they invited hundreds of people and only five people showed up would they feel sad?  They all agreed it would be sad.  Fr. Thomas then went on to explain that Christ invites each of use to an amazing party, better than any birthday party we could ever imagine, but unfortunately sometimes people don’t come.  He explained how Mass is like a big banquet or party that we are invited to, where Jesus wants to encounter us and give us graces and gifts.

After Mass, the moms had some fellowship time and then they joined their child again in order to help their son or daughter make a lap rosary book.  First grade will have a traveling image of Our Lady of Guadalupe that will be sent to each of the first-grade students houses for week.  While the family has the image of the Blessed Mother in their house, they are encouraged to put pictures of all of their loved ones near the image and to pray a rosary or decade together as a family.