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Following the closing ceremonies at school, international program students and families were joined by international program staff, school teachers and staff, and local day students’ families to celebrate the end of the year. The international program closing ceremonies and dinner took place at The Carriage House at Pine Knob Mansion. Students were recognized for their efforts and growth in virtue in all areas of formation.

Integer Award Recipients: Lorenza Martínez and Juan Carlos Sierra

“I would tell future international students to not worry about the difficult things  and focus on the good ones instead of complaining all the time. Be regretful for what you have and the time you have here.” -Lorenza Martínez

“I would tell future international students to take advantage and to enjoy the time that they have here. Because time passes by super quick, and in the blink of an eye, everything is over.” -Juan Carlos Sierra

International program legacy families were also recognized. These families have sent all of their children to Everest, and their youngest child was part of the generation 2022-2023. Congratulations to the Loyola and Villarreal families!

Congratulations to all our students on an incredible year!