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Congratulations to our academy award recipients who were selected by their teachers for excellence. After the closing Mass at which eighth-grade students were recognized as they head to high school, students were recognized for achievements throughout the year including Mountaineers of the Month, spelling bee winners, forensics winners, and more.

Mrs. Ender and Mr. Nalepa also presented the Fr. Lorenzo Gomez Renaissance of Values Scholarship. The scholarship is a one-time, $6000 scholarship to a student’s high school tuition. The scholarship recognizes a student who demonstrates and develops traits of spirituality, family orientation, industriousness, service, and scholarship. Congratulations to this year’s recipients, Virginia Groves and Susan Nedwick.


3rd Grade: Leo Dziekoński

4th Grade: Sean Leahy, Branden Sandeen, Micah Abraham, Theodore Sierminski

5th Grade: Emma Gulda

6th Grade: Sophia Werner

7th Grade: Christian Abraham

8th Grade: Benjamin Luginski

English as a Second Language: Lorenza Martínez, Benjamin Aguilar

Study of the American Culture: Valeria Calderón, Bernardo Díaz

TOEFL: Sofía Hernández, José Pablo Carrillo

Human Formation: 

3rd Grade: Ximena Ortega Machado, Bryan Bowden

4th Grade: Ava Pruchnicki, Madeline Johnson, Jacob Luginski, and Theodore Sierminski

5th Grade: Charlotte Stacey, Dominik Dziekoński,

6th Grade: Sophia Werner, Maximus Iyer

7th Grade: Lilianna Tocco, Nora Nedwick, Alberto Del Bosque

8th Grade: Palin Leahy, Luca Orsini

Intellectual Formation: 

3rd Grade: Anna Dean, Emily Kuron, Leo Dziekoński, Nathan Kuron, Charles Muñoz

4th Grade: Ava Pruchnicki, Katherine Shea, Haylee Zwires, Sean Leahy, Peter Stencel, Micah Abraham

5th Grade: Emma Gulda, Aiden Felix

6th Grade: Ella Baron, Maximus Iyer

7th Grade: Carrie Walker, Adam Tibuden

8th Grade: Hannah Megala, Mira Pietras, Benjamin Luginski

Spiritual Formation Formation: 

3rd Grade: Lydia Neiman, William Groves

4th Grade: Claudia Denver, Violet Taylor, Marco Attard, Jack Schlaud

5th Grade: Amy Walker, Ella Cross, Ryan Dale

6th Grade: Rachel Luginski, Vincent Cross, Vincent Mirjah

7th Grade: Bianca Gerini, Paul McHugh

8th Grade: Lauren Earnhardt, Benjamin Luginski

Apostolic Formation: 

3rd Grade: Stella Ioco, Lydia Neiman, Giada Tocco, Marco McHugh, Benjamin Sarnecki

4th Grade: Liela Gantos, Lilianna Duncan, Vaira Mulrenin, Mason McGovern, Luke McHugh

5th Grade: Mia Mandziuk, Magnolia Heasley, Samuel Earnhardt

6th Grade: Barbara Davila, Daniel Megala, Vincent Pruchnicki

7th Grade: Leah Westlake, Christian Abraham, Juan Pablo Cano

8th Grade: Natasha Mendez, Brandon Thomas

Semper Altius:

3rd Grade: Anna Dean, Leo Dziekoński,

4th Grade: Claudia Denver, Branden Sandeen

5th Grade: Isabella Wheeler, Vinay Iyer

6th Grade: Ella Baron, Zachary Denver

7th Grade: Anamaria Valentino, Adam Tibudan

8th Grade: Mira Pietras, Juan Carlos Sierra