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“On Wednesday, March 15, the eighth graders traveled to the Zekelman Holocaust Museum in Farmington Hills. These students had the opportunity to listen to the child of Holocaust survivors as she spoke of her experiences growing up with parents who endured the unthinkable. She gave the students a glimpse into the ways in which life after liberation was difficult for survivors, and she taught us how we can find healing and hope when faced with difficult situations in life today.

As students explored the museum on a docent-led tour, they had the opportunity to learn more about political events leading up the Holocaust, acts of resistance among those who were detained in the camps, and how to spot – and stop – the spread of anti-Semitism. This trip was a wonderful way for students to make cross-curricular connections between their reading of Corrie ten Boom’s The Hiding Place in literature and their learning of World War II in U. S. History.” -Mrs. Nielson