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The annual International Thespian Society induction for Everest’s Troup 8546 took place on Thursday, March 9. Led by Mrs. Karen Beggs and troupe president, Mary Pearson, four new members were inducted: Maria Saad, Kathleen Thibodeau, Diletta Trimarchi, and Demarco Valentino. Several students performed including an act from the upcoming spring production Cinderella. The following students were recognized with honors:

  • Honor Thespians: Alicia Emert-Buck, Mary Pearson, Zoe Schlaud, Lucille Thewes, Jack Villella
  • National Thespians: Caroline Beggs and Erin Carr
  • International Thespians: Kristina Moran and Stephanie Suran
  • Thespian of the Year: Kristina Moran