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Congratulations to the February Mountaineers of the Month who demonstrated the virtue of honesty!

Lucy Dziekoński & Aurelia Meiou

“I would like to nominate Lucy and Aurelia for the virtue of honesty.  They are very honest with their teacher and her friends, even when it may be uncomfortable to do so.  They are a wonderful example of sincerity to their classmates.” -Mrs. Reichert, Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Adeline Kelly

“I would like to nominate Adeline Kelly for the virtue of honesty.  During the school day, Adeline is obedient, sincere, and trustworthy.  If she does something wrong, she admits right away what happened.  She, also, does not back down from a challenge.” -Mrs. McGrath, Kindergarten Teacher

Diego Ortega Machado

“I nominate Diego Ortega Machado. Diego knows the importance of being truthful and fair. Diego takes personal responsibility for his actions and always speaks the truth. He treats others with respect and is genuine and sincere. He is a loyal friend. Diego is always truthful in what he says and does.” -Mrs. Van Pelt, First-Grade Teacher

Roman Valentino

“I would like to nominate Roman Valentino for honesty.  Roman tells the truth even if it could get him or someone else in trouble.  He believes ‘honesty is the best policy’ and can be counted on in most circumstances.  If he forgets something, he will own up to it and not try to make excuses.  Roman is everyone’s friend, and I believe it’s because the other students know he is honest.” -Mrs. Barone, Fourth-Grade Teacher

Peter Stencel and Liela Gantos

“It is with honor that I nominate Peter Stencel and Liela Gantos as this month’s Mountaineers of the Month. ‘Honesty is about both speaking and acting truthfully’ ( Both Peter and Liela are truthful with  their words, their actions, with the people around them, and with themselves. Acting in such an honest way gives insight into what amazing people both Peter and Liela are growing to become. I am proud to nominate Peter Stencel and Liela Gantos as February’s Mountaineers of the Month.” -Mrs. Motyka, Fourth-Grade Teacher

Dominik Dziekoński and Ava Powell

“Dominik and Ava have worked to demonstrate an attitude that they are trying and have made clear steps to indicate they are acting honestly, even when some others might not be. An example of their virtue includes the proper use of their Chromebooks.” -Mr. Sapienza, Fifth-Grade Teacher