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The fourth-grade boys were anticipating spending the morning with their moms after their original retreat day was postponed due to a snow day.  When asked which boys wanted to proclaim the readings for the Mass with their moms, so many boys wanted to participate we had to have them choose numbers.  Peter Stencel and Micah Abraham represented the class by proclaiming the readings. After Mass, Demarco Valentino, a junior, shared his testimony with the fourth-grade boys, while the moms had a reflection and fellowship with Miss Rose.  Since the retreat was moved, the moms got the special surprise of being present for the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, when the elected “pope” from second grade and his “Swiss guards” walk through the halls at school and give all the students “pope-sicles”.  After “the pope” passed by, the boys came back to join their moms.  Each boy gave his mom a surprise gift he had prepared for her, then they took a quiz about the other one to see how well they new each other. The retreat ended with a game in the gym together.