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On Tuesday, January 24, the fourth-grade girls enjoyed having some girl time alone with their moms, while the boys were also excited to have just the boys from both fourth grade classrooms together for a few hours of class time.  The moms went to Mass with their daughters, celebrated by Fr. Jason Brooks, L.C.  After Mass, the moms enjoyed some fellowship together with Miss Rose, while the girls went to their classroom where sophomore, Zoe Schlaud, and junior, Kathleen Thibodeau, shared personal testimonies with the girls about praying and staying close to Jesus.  During that time the fourth-grade girls also worked on a gratitude box they made for their moms.  When the daughters and mothers got back together, they each took a “quiz” about the other person and the compared notes so they could get to know each other better.  The retreat ended with a game in the gym.  Thank you, moms, for coming to spend the morning with us!