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The sixth-grade girls had their first off-campus retreat last Thursday. The theme for the retreat was friendship. Some girls shared their experiences:

“My favorite activity was defeating the friendship monsters, because it showed us the real impact of what we say and do to others. Like for selfishness we had to pass down candy to other people to show the opposite of selfishness-generosity, and for gossip we had to flip cups over and other teams had to flip them again to show the impact of our words and how quick gossip can spread to others.” Isabella Baumann

“My favorite activity was the skits. They taught everybody how to deal with a bad situation in a good way. The bad ways are what not to do. This was also fun because we were learning in a fun way”. Olivia Rydesky

“I found Jesus is almost every part of the retreat, but especially during Adoration. There is something about how beautiful that chapel is. I have been in ECYD for two years, and every camp is at this retreat house. It brings so many good memories with Jesus. During Adoration all those memories flooded my mind and made me feel safe. The coolest thing for me is how every time I walk into the chapel I feel a warm breeze pass me. I do recommend the retreat.” Brooke Pontillo

“I would definitely recommend this retreat to others because it really helps you to interact with other girls that you don’t normally talk to. You also really get to connect with Jesus more.” Isabella Bowden