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This month, the kindergarten through second0grade girls were so excited to come back to school for an activity night with their dads.  Before the fun began, a group of fourth and fifth-grade girls arrived early to help set up and run activities. The night started off with a Christmas scavenger hunt. Together dads and daughters searched the academy hallways and cafeteria to find Christmas symbols and complete a challenge.  Then, there was a dance off.  Each pair received a big piece of paper they had to dance on, each time the music stopped they folded the paper in half and continued dancing to see who could dance on the smallest piece of paper.  Dads then went to the chapel for a brief reflection with Fr. Jason Brooks while the daughters prepared a surprise.  To finish off the night each dad traced his hand on a colored piece of paper and then his daughter on another color to glue them together with the saying: “No matter how big your hands grow you will always be my little girl to hold, protect, and cherish.  Love, Dad”