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The sixth-grade girls prepared and celebrated a Seder meal during religion class. They enjoyed learning about the Passover celebration, first by watching the movie The Prince of Egypt and then by reenacting the commemoration of this event with a traditional Seder meal. The horseradish brought by Ava Grant symbolized the bitterness of the slavery in Egypt. Mary Groves brought some celery, a symbol of spring, which was dipped in salt water at some point in the ceremony, a symbol of the tears shed by the Hebrew people. Every girl brought something to contribute to the meal, and – as they sipped on their four cups of wine (grape juice brought by Leah Westlake) – they enjoyed learning about the symbolism of this feast, the context in which Our Lord instituted the Eucharist in the Last Supper. As Holy Week approaches, this gave them an opportunity to reflect on the mysteries of our redemption, in which just as the Israelites were freed from slavery, we are freed from sin through the blood of the Lamb in our new Passover, and are risen with Christ to new life.