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During the months of February and March, the middle school classes had their yearly class retreats. These class retreats offer a great opportunity for gender-specific formation and bonding as well as sacraments and spiritual formation.

The sixth-grade girls focused on the theme of friendship during their first year in  middle school. They played some games to defeat the “enemies of friendship” of jealousy, criticism and gossip, negative thinking, selfishness, and pride by discovering the virtues to defeat each of them. The girls reflected on what makes each one of them unique, and in also discovering that uniqueness in every girl in their class.

The seventh-grade girls’ retreat deepened in what it means to live with authenticity. They reflected on the temptation to wear different masks in order to seek acceptance from others and the courage it takes to be true to who God created them to be.

The eighth- grade girls’ theme was “No greater love”. They had the opportunity to spend a day reflecting on Jesus’ passion and death as the greatest act of love for them, and to experience God’s mercy in their lives.

All three retreats included fun games, Mass, adoration, the opportunity for confession, and activities to bond as a class.