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Everest’s students, faculty, and staff carry the victims and their families as well as all the students, faculty, staff, and families of Oxford High School in their daily thoughts and prayers. Everest students returned to school on Friday, December 3, after concerns, rumors, and copycat threats closed area schools on Thursday, December 2.

President Michael Nalepa and principals Greg Reichert and Sue Ender wrote to the community, “The last twenty months have exposed our students to much uncertainty, fear, and concern. The events they have experienced from the pandemic, civil movements, and this current crisis will shape their minds, their hearts, and them as individuals. Everest takes very seriously its responsibility to respond to the unique needs of our students and to make intelligent, informed, prudent decisions for our students and our community. Ultimately, having made such decisions, we place our faith in God, Our Creator and Our Protector, entrusting our entire community to His loving protection.”

High school students organized an initiative and will be wearing blue and gold on Monday, December 6, to honor the Oxford community.

Middle school students took time on Friday to write letters to the the officers of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department to thank them for their support, guidance, and hard work to keep the community safe. In the same letter on Thursday, December 2, school leadership shared, “We want to extend our gratitude to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department for their ongoing support and availability. These officers, many of whom are operating on only a few hours of sleep, have provided an invaluable resource to Everest and the entire community. ”

Mateo an eighth-grade international student wrote, “I am a 14-year-old boy that is studying as a student at Everest Academy. One of the reason I came here was because they said that this county is one of the safest in the whole U.S. I just wanted to thank you for the things that you have done through the past week. In the beginning, I was kind of scared, but know that I saw your efficiency and all the hard work you guys put into this tragedy. It makes me way calmer. You are honestly my hero because it just shocked me how you guys reacted so I’m very grateful.”

A seventh-grade student wrote, “My closest family friend goes to Oxford High School and was there on Tuesday. I have known her my whole life, and she made it out safely. Thanks to you and many other policemen and more people, so many more people got out of the building safely. With all of your hard work so many of the students were saved. From so many people’s hard work and yours, I can go to school safely. I’m not scared, and we are safe. Thank you again for all your hard work.”

Student letters shared story after story of loved ones and friends as well as expressing their gratitude for feeling safe to return to school. “You saved a lot of lives that day. You risked yourself to save them, I really want to thank you.”