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International students were very excited to live the experience of their first trip together. During Thanksgiving Break, they were able to visit the city of Louisville, explore the Creation Museum, see “Noah’s Ark”, explore the sea life in the Newport Aquarium, a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner that ended with a beautiful activity of giving thanks. One of the most exciting outings was the famous Kentucky Derby, all of the students were able to enjoy the thrilling experience of watching a horse race. They also had a bonding time during dinner at Buca di Beppo. Last but not least, they had a great time at the arcade, where they played tons of fun games. 

During this trip the students had a lot of fun, a lot of energy and a lot of hope. Both boys and girls were able to experience a cultural and fun trip. Students prayed together at daily Mass and were grateful for the great days that they had a this marvelous trip.