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Congratulations to all our academy students who prepared and presented forensics pieces for their peers. This week the top students in each classes presented in the forensics exhibition on Thursday, October 21. Middle school students compete for the top three places. Congratulations to this year’s winners: Timothy Thibodeau in first, Emily Smith in second, and Jacob Marshall in third. All finalist are listed below.  #SemperAltius

First Grade: Mary Pontillo, Matthew Bingham, Caroline Dale

Second Grade: Sean Anderson, Bryan Bowden, Zachary Wolschleger, Rudy Torres Naranjo, Charles Muñoz, Leo Dziekonski

Third Grade: Sean Leahy, Roman Valentino, Peter Stencel

Fourth Grade: Isabella Wheeler, Luke McClintick, Vinay Iyer

Fifth Grade: Charles Boyer, Nolan Neiman, Vincent Pruchnicki, Isabella Bowden, Brooke Pontillo, Maximus Iyer, Victor Cronin, Ella Baron, Rachel Seibt, Olivia Rydesky

Sixth Grade: Isabel Hernandez, Jonah Reichert, Mary McGrath

Seventh Grade: Juan Pablo Cabrera, Nathan Iyer, Susan Nedwick, Brandon Thomas, Timothy Thibodeau, Benjamin Luginski, Hannah Megala

Eighth Grade: Cameron Tong, Emily Smith, Zoe Abraham, Dominic Walker, Jacob Marshall, Armin Ramirez-Gomez