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Nathan Beggs, Class of 2022, received a score of 36 on the ACT this spring. We congratulate Nate on his perfect score and are excited to see what the future has in store for this talented young man. High school counselor, Mrs. Krogh, commented on Nate’s talents and character that contribute to his ongoing success. Semper Altius!

“Nate has been a student at Everest since he was in fourth grade. His God-given intellectual gifts were clear from an early age.  While students this gifted can often become unknowingly haughty or overly confident, Nate has always been quiet about his talents, respectful toward his teachers and mentors, and curious and engaged in his education.

From day one of high school, it’s an education he tackled with a lot of self-awareness and intent for an incoming freshman. He had his long-term goals well in hand by then, and was ready to take on the most rigorous curriculum he could pursue at EC. That meant a heavy load of advanced coursework and a lot of facilitation and individual attention from caring teachers, as well as spending his free time very wisely. In fact, Nate’s work ethic is perhaps what should be most commended here. It wouldn’t occur to this young man to waste a moment on his journey to whatever success awaits him.”