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“Is there anything better than trudging into first hour on a Tuesday morning and hearing the dean over the loudspeaker instruct you to grab your lunch and head to the game room in the international building? The Class of 2022 enjoyed a surprise mini-retreat on May 25. The mini-retreat – a labor of love from formation coordinators Fr. Brian and Miss Regina, counselor Mrs. Krogh, dean of discipline Mrs. Van Wagoner, and English teacher Miss Mellis – was an effort to gather the juniors together before the end of the school year for what the students later described as “class bonding”. With the Class of 2021 out of the building and off on new adventures, the EC formation team saw an opportunity to encourage cohesion, communication, and positive goal-setting among the rising seniors in advance of their final year of high school.

Mrs. Krogh opened the event with a rousing talk, which the students surely enjoyed. (Is Mrs. Krogh the author of this blog post? Yes. Yes, she is.) In the two-hour event there was time for two games focused on building communication skills, some group discussion, and – perhaps most importantly – snacks. (They were quality snacks, but also if you don’t feed the teenagers they tend to revolt.) The students had a lot of great things to say about the morning, including that it had opened the door to conversation with peers with whom they’d barely spoken prior. We’re all looking forward to seeing some awesome leadership and community-building from the Class of 2022 in the coming year!” -Mrs. Christina Krogh, High School Counselor