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The JPII tournament is held every year in honor of St. Pope John Paul II for grades 4th-8th.  The tournament was started 24 year ago by Fr. Gomez and is still going strong today.  This event promotes a spirit of healthy competition, camaraderie among the boys, and an atmosphere that is Christ-centered.  The tournament started after school on Friday and ended Saturday evening with Mass and awards.  The athletes competed in three sports throughout the tournament and also participated in adoration, Mass, the rosary, and they had the opportunity to go to confession.  This is one of the highlights of the year for the boys and many of them start talking about it in September.  A few students were asked what they liked about the JPII tournament.

Vincent Pruchnicki- “Playing sports with my friends.”

Vincent Cross- “Having adoration Friday night with all the candles lit and winning the hockey championship game.”

Victor Cronin- “Have an all day sports tournament on Saturday with my friends.”

Spencer Lacey- Being able to hang out with everyone while playing sports.”

Kyle Westlake- “Bonding with friends and playing sports.”