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Parents play an irreplaceable role in the education and formation of their children. Today, the Everest community honored in a particular way the parents of the Class of 2021. This group of parents and students has been shaped in a particular way over the past year by the pandemic. It was a beautiful moment for class to come together with their parents for Mass and brunch.

Fr. Thomas encouraged students in the homily to appreciate and honor their parents. He shared that they will look back at the time they have spent at Everest with their parents’ guidance, and they will appreciate the wisdom and guidance that their parents have offered. He also spoke about the undeniable impact that each of their parents has and will have on the people that will become.

Katrina Earnhardt shared a prayer she had written for the occasion which concluded, “Today, we express our gratitude towards our parents and the faculty, staff, priests and consecrated, and coaches at Everest. We are thankful for the love and support they have shown us throughout the years especially during our senior year. Lord, we pray together that you continue to bless our relationship with our parents as we enter into this new chapter in our lives. Help us continue to strive “Always Higher” and open our hearts to the plan you have for have for each one of us.”

The senior parent appreciation event is the first of several events that will take place over the coming weeks in celebration and honor of the Class of 2021.