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Congratulations to the March Mountaineers of the Month who lived the virtue of responsibility!

Wesley Haezebrouck

“When Wesley is assigned a task, he remembers all of the directions and completes the task right away.  He is responsible about bringing the necessary materials home each night and returning them each day.  He also keeps his things organized and tidy.” -Mrs. McGrath, Kindergarten


Isabella Wheeler

“I can always count on Izzy to fulfill her responsibilities in third-grade music class and to engage in whatever we are doing. Responsibility is a necessary virtue for music, and she embraces it well!” -Mrs. Nalepa, Elementary Music Teacher

Vella Mulrenin
“Vella has exhibited responsibility throughout March and really throughout the year. She focuses on music class, always paying attention and trying to help others stay focused, too. Vella also initiated the fourth-grade mass choir and has continued to show responsibility during class time.” -Mrs. Nalepa, Elementary Music Teacher