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The start of winters sports was a rollercoaster over the past months as Mountaineers and their families waited for the green light to begin. With “contact sports” delayed, the Mountaineer League adapted its winter program to provide a speed and agility training for students in junior kindergarten through fourth grade.

Coach Pruchnicki and Coach Van Wagoner aided by some of the high school basketball team members led students through drills. Each session begins with prayer and a group meeting when Coach Pruchnicki reminds the athletes of the three rules of the Mountaineer League: 1. Eyes on Coach, 2. All Out Effort, and 3. Practice the Golden Rule. Mountaineer League athletes who have participated in multiple sessions of 3v3 soccer, NFL flag football, etc. enthusiastically shout out the rules. After working hard for an hour, the group closes in prayer and Coach reminds them all that they are destined for greatness.