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The Mountaineers of the Month of February exhibited the virtue of honesty. Congratulations to the following students!

Penelope Krogh

“Penelope is always honest with her teacher and her friends.  She is straightforward and truthful, even when it may be uncomfortable to do so.  She is a wonderful example of sincerity, loyalty, and truthfulness to her classmates.” -Mrs. Reichert, Junior Kindergarten

Jax Tillman

“Jax is a very hard worker who always does his best work.  He always tells the truth and is honest with his teachers.  He speaks the truth with all of his friends, too.  If he does do something wrong, he is quick to apologize.” -Mrs. McGrath, Kindergarten

Connor Anderson

“Connor demonstrates the virtue of honesty on a regular basis. He always ensures that he tells the truth. He is a kind and helpful friend to his classmates and teacher.” -Mrs. Fazzoni, First Grade

Isabella Wheeler

“I nominate Isabella Wheeler for Mountaineer of the Month. Izzy exhibits honesty on a daily basis. She is the first to admit when she has or hasn’t done something. She is fair and forgiving to her classmates and always has a kind word to say to her peers.” -Mrs. Ohlinger, Third Grade