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It only took moments after the Mountaineers announced the cancellation of the semifinal football game for messages of support to start pouring in.

In compliance with the MDHHS pilot testing program by which the team has been testing every couple days, the EC…

Posted by Everest Collegiate High School & Academy on Thursday, January 14, 2021


One of the first game from a Centerville player, “I’m not sure who runs this page, but I’m from Centerville and just wanted to apologize to your football team on being cancelled.”

Messages of support recognizing the Mountaineers, Coach Pruchnicki, the senior athletes, and the whole team. Mountaineer parents responded with support, but so did coaches and athletes from the local community and beyond flooded in.

The DZone tweeted, “Gut-wrenched for the #2 ranked D8 team, they had an incredible senior class.”

Former EA student and teacher, Coach Joe Fedorinchik tweeted, “Great program. Great group of coaches and kids. Congrats on a heckuva season this year!”

Coach Culloty at Holly replied, “Kudos to all the young men and coaches on an incredible journey. Great work.”

Coach Gough at Foley tweeted, “Absolutely brutal way to end a phenomenal season for EC football. First class program under Coach Michael Pruchnicki that I respect the heck out of! My heart goes out to the Mountaineers!”

EC alumni reached out. Nino Mastromatteo, Class of 2019, tweeted, “Great team right here, I’m proud of all you guys!! Said it had to end this way, but what can you do. It was nice to watch this season and see some new faces on the team! Go Mountaineers & Semper Altius!!”

The messages of support came from beyond the local community as well. Coaches from college and professional teams came in. Tony Annese, the head coach at Ferris State, Mark Dantonio, former head coach at MSU, and John Van Dam, an offensive analyst at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, all sent messages of support.

“So sorry to hear you had to forfeit your semifinal. I was looking forward to hearing about your great victory yesterday and of course by how much you were victorious. In light of your circumstances, I would like to say that champions aren’t defined by one event. God sees us as champions everyday. Although it is nice to see your hard work culminate in the grand prize at the end of a long season, riddled with adversity and trying situations. This is just the beginning for your young men. Champions are created through perseverance and hard work, never defined by a single moment. My biggest belief is that everyday is an opportunity to be a champion in everything you do. Be the best at everything and you’ll win your prize over and over again in life… Always embrace your challenges and prepare for God to do His work in your life. All the best and God Bless! Your guys are champions to me!” wrote Glen Young, the defensive coordinator at the Toronto Argonauts.

Kirk Cousins, quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, recorded a message for the team.