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Each year, Everest Academy students have months to memorize and practice spelling bee words. For second-grade students, this is their first experience with the spelling bee. They compete in an in-class spelling bee. Congratulations to our second-grade spellers:

1st Place: Jacob Luginski

2nd Place: Max Thewes

3rd Place: Micah Abraham

Third and fourth-grade students compete within their classrooms to advance to a final competition. Students seat spaced out in folding chairs to cheer on their classmates. Each contestant lowered their mask when they approached the microphone to spell their word. Finalists for third and fourth grades were: Vinay Iyer, Isabella Wheeler, Emma Gulda, Bryce Anderson, Alejandro Gonzalvo, Daniel Megala, Olivia Rydesky, and Nash Wolcott.


Congratulations to the third and fourth-grade winners. The winning word was semicolon.

3rd Place: Emma Gulda

2nd Place: Olivia Rydesky

1st Place: Alejandro Gonzalvo


Fifth through eighth-grade students competed to determine the top three spellers per classroom. The final 5th-8th grade competition determined the school spelling bee champion who will advance to the Oakland Schools Scripps At-Large Regional Online Spelling Bee.

Congratulations to the finalists:

5th Grade: Christian Abraham, Sofia Arinez, Lila Wolcott

6th Grade: Jack Roddy, James McGrath, Benjamin Luginski, Nathan Iyer, Brandon Thomas, Giselle Wolschleger, Timothy Thibodeau

7th Grade: Zoe Abraham, Dominic Walker, Cameron Tong

8th Grade: Hadley Pearce, Erica Walker, Jack Villella, Reegen Littleton, Madelyn Krappmann, Sarah Bradley


The 5th-8th grade spellers competed in numerous rounds before the final two spellers went back and fourth for final rounds. Madelyn Krappmann was the spelling bee champion with the word “precept.” Congratulation to the winners:

3rd Place: Nathan Iyer, Sofia Arinez, Reegan Littleton, and Sarah Bradley

2nd Place: Christian Abraham

1st Place: Madelyn Krappmann