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“Following Saturday’s game, Mountaineer coach Mike Pruchnicki – the son of former Flat Rock coach Joe Pruchnicki – asked if Summerfield would join his players in a prayer.

The Bulldogs didn’t know how to react. This is not something that happens in the Tri-County Conference.

Certainly not all of them are Christians, but every one of the Summerfield players and coaches knelt for the prayer.

Our country would be a better place if more people were that tolerant and respectful of the beliefs of others.” –The Monroe News


There is something special here. The Mountaineers claimed their first football regional title after an eight-week break. They aren’t done yet. The team has their eyes set on the state finals. The undefeated team (10-0) advances to the semifinal on Friday, January 15, verses Centerville.

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