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In the spring, the participants in EC Drama’s production of Children of Eden ran through their dress rehearsal unsure if they would have the opportunity to present live. They never did. What was it like to be back on the stage this fall to present 12 Angry Jurors? “It was like a breath of fresh air, like you could finally exhale,” shared Danielle Brown, EC senior and president of the school’s chapter of the Thespian Society.

EC drama presented 12 Angry Jurors the weekend of November 13-15. Little did they know that even as they were on the stage during the final showing, the rumors of yet another closure of high schools were circulating news sources. While EC students are unhappy about the current shutdown, everyone is relieved that the show was able to go on.

This year’s fall play was unique because of the setting. Nearly all the characters are on stage throughout the entire play. This was challenging for the cast because it required full memorization with no opportunities to check a script backstage. Everyone depended on each other’s perfect memorization. The reduced cast helped with managing exposure during COVID restrictions. There were a lot of nerves throughout the process of putting together the play that it could be canceled. Senior Theresa Waller shared that the cast bonded through the process and circumstances in a unique way.

What did the cast like about the play? They really liked the message, shared Theresa, focusing on innocent until proven guilty, throwing away biases, and giving people the benefit of the doubt. Congratulations EC drama!