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Each year, athletes are honored for the athletic achievements in their respective sports by the CHSL coaches. This year, an exception number of EC athletes achieved All Academic, All League, and All Catholic honors in the Detroit Catholic High School League! Congratulations to all honorees on your outstanding achievements.

Cross Country:

All League: Avery Herrgott

All Catholic: Alyse Felix, Caroline Cross, Theresa Waller, and Eve Herrgott



All Academic: Isabella Neiman

All League: Isabella Neiman, Michelle Villella

All Catholic: Sally McGrath, Daniella Mirjah


All Academic: Emiliano Ramirez

All League: Dominic Cross, John Morrison, Joseph Thibodeau

All Catholic: Anthony Felix, Lucas Cross, Luke Walker



All Academic: Stephen Czach

All League: Aidan Beauchamp, Johnny Nedwick, Diego Ramirez, Joseph Thibodeau

All Catholic: Dominic Cross, Jack Lasceski, Giovanni Mastromatteo, Michael McGrath, James Neme, John Suran