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The first-grade class was very excited to have their moms come to school for their annual mother and child retreat.  After drop-off and getting their morning work done, Mrs. Fazzoni walked the class up to the international building where the students met their moms who were already waiting for them.

During the homily at Mass, Fr. Thomas asked the boys and girls to share who their favorite super hero is and what super power it is they like about that super hero.  Some of the named were: Spiderman because he can shoot webs out of his hands and crawl up walls, Superman because he can fly and is really strong, and Flash because he can run fast.  Fr. Thomas then told the boys and girls that there is a super hero that they all know that has an even stronger super power than any of the heroes they names.  He told them all that their moms are super heroes and that their super power that is strong and better than any of the other powers is that they love.  “No matter what, your mom always loves you and takes care of you, despite how tired she may be, she is always there for you,” said Fr. Thomas.  One of the boys topped Fr. Thomas super heroes by sharing that God was his favorite super hero because he is all powerful, and Fr. Thomas had to admit he was right.

After Mass each child presented their mother with a lapbook on how to pray the Rosary that the children made themselves in honor of October being the month of the Rosary.  The first graders are going to take turns bringing home an image of Our Lady, called the Pilgrim Queen, each week.  The image will go home on Friday and come back on the following Wednesday.  The children are excited to get their turn to bring the image to their house and to  pray the Rosary at home with their families.

After the moms had a brief reflection on why praying the Rosary is helpful, they had a time of fellowship together.  During this time Cheryl Milosch, a seasoned Everest mom who is starting a moms group, came to introduce herself, explain why she wants to start a moms group, and to get feedback by means of a survey she made to see what the moms most need right now.  It was beautiful during the fellowship time to hear each of the moms speak so positively of the school and the school community.  There are a handful of new moms to Everest who shared how much their children have grown in just a few short weeks.  One of the new moms said, “We came here because of COVID, and we originally were planning to stay her for just one year, but now I think we are in for the long haul.”

Thank you first grade moms for joining us and we look forward to hearing about the special family moments you have when the image of Our Lady comes to visit your house.