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On Wednesday, October 14, Everest hosted the first of many mother and child retreats. Like everything else on campus, the event had to be modified as parents are restricted from areas of the building where students are located. The preschool class was so happy to be able to have this special time with their moms – despite the modifications.

After dropping off their children, moms came and checked in at the international building – one of the auxiliary buildings on campus. The preschool class walked up to join their moms for Mass. Before Mass started Fr. Thomas explained to the preschoolers what and why he wears the vestments to celebrate Mass.  He also taught the students to pronounce each article of the vestments he wears; the alb, stole, and chasuble.

After Mass, the preschoolers gave their mom’s a gift they had prepared for them, a page that read “Mommy’s Little Pumpkin” and their hand prints. After spending a few minutes together the preschoolers left to go back to their classrooms.  The moms stayed to hear a short reflection and then enjoy fellowship time together.

It was great to have some time with our Mountaineer community, and we are looking forward to seeing the first grade moms next week.