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Everest is unique in many ways, one of which is the close community of preschool through twelfth grade on the same campus. EC students head out to practice on the field while academy students are still in their classes. Younger students frequently let the high school students that they saw the cross country team out running on the sidewalks of Clarkston and that they want to run like them when they get older. The same is true for EC student-athletes who lead 3v3 soccer or the football players who coach Mountaineer League NFL flag football. The younger students look up to the older students not only for their athletic abilities but for their leadership, kindness, and service.

Everest recently received the following note of gratitude from a parent. “On Friday, I was at Clintonwood after school with my son and his two cousins.  The kids were all playing on the jungle gym.  One of them happened to say “hi” to Shelby and Emily, who had been watching the Clarkston cross country meet.  Instead of just saying “hi” and moving on with what they were doing, like many teenagers would do, Shelby and Emily struck up a conversation with the kids.  I think they could tell that the kids really liked talking to them, so Shelby and Emily took it upon themselves to organize a game of tag with the kids and proceeded to play with them.  And mind you… either Shelby or Emily was injured and was wearing a walking boot!  I was so impressed with their kindness, selflessness, positivity, maturity, etc… I could go on and on.  It meant so much to my son and his cousins.  They talked about it all weekend long! I hope that as my son gets older he displays the same kindness to others as Shelby and Emily did on Friday.”

Thank you, EC students, for your kindness!!