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On Thursday, September 3, Mountaineers dropped off books and supplies in anticipation of starting school the following Tuesday. There were many questions in everyone’s mind, but one was predominant for student-athletes: would competition be allowed? While cross country had been given the green light, volleyball and soccer had been practicing outdoors with no news about competition in sight. Football was entirely sidelined. That afternoon, executive order 2020-176 changed the landscape for Mountaineers and the fall trimester.

Since then with new restrictions, limited spectators, and wearing facial coverings, volleyball and soccer have been competing. Today, EC football hosts Cabrini to open their season. EC student-athletes are excited to be back. They have a renewed appreciation for the ability to play, and they shared their reflections on the season.

I think the return to sports is great because without sports a part of myself is gone. The hardest thing of not being able to play sports is the emptiness in your life and one less reason to be the best you can be. In looking forward to a fresh new season that I can dominate, also a chance to help my team make it to the championship. I have three goals 1. To be the best version of my self. 2. To help my team win the championship 3. To have a great year all around and enjoy it.” -Sophomore Nathan Czach

I am very glad that we are able to be playing sports again. I am excited about hopefully our team making it to states again, but mostly for getting closer to all my teammates and pushing myself along with everyone else. The hardest part of not playing sports for me was probably being stuck at home all the time and not being able to be pushed by everyone else. This season, I am looking forward to making myself a better person, and to getting a more positive head space. My goals are to break 20, but to also stop beating myself up every time I do worse than expected.” -Junior Avery Herrgott

“I’m excited about being able to compete. The hardest part was the uncertainty of everything not having that stable, solid activity to fall back on in my life. I’m looking forward to being able to compete with my boys. My goal is to win our last game.” – Senior John Suran

“I’m very excited to be doing the sport itself. Spending the whole summer wondering if we were actually going to have a season while doing summer miles wasn’t ideal but I’m super glad we’re here and able to run meets and be with everyone. I’m looking forward to being apart of my first cross country season and running with all my friends and making new ones. My goal is to be grateful every practice and meet I’m in and to do my very best.” -Senior Allison Brzezinski

“The part that I am most excited about is by far just having a season. The team has been working hard all summer not knowing if we would have a season. The thing I’m looking forward to the most this season is going to the playoffs. The team that we have this year I feel can make the state championship game and win it. That’s what I’m looking forward to the most. My goals for this year are to simply give it all I got every day, to help out the team as much as I can, and to win a state title.” -Freshman Thomas Powrie

I’m just excited to play in my senior season. It is tough not having fans. I just want to make a run in the playoffs.” -Senior Dominic Cross