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Students finished distance learning, grew in all new ways, and developed skills they know they will be able to use later in life. Everest students completed surveys about what they are looking forward next school year.

When asked what they are looking forward to about next school year, responses centered around in-person learning and seeing their friends.

The best part of being back in school with their friends will be “hanging out during and between classes.”

Responses regarding the best part of being back in class with their teachers were an even split between “learning in person again,” “being able to ask questions right away,” “explanations and examples in class,” and “just seeing them, their smiles, and interacting with them during and between classes.”

Overwhelming, it is evident that students have missed campus life. While some students felt more successful at distance learning than others, they all missed up the parts of student life that cannot be replicated at home. The highest ranked aspects of student life that they missed where lunch and just walking between classes. Other students shared missing their locker, their desk, and a handful even missed their school uniforms!

Students are also looking forward to the spiritual activities offered during the school day at Everest. Students replied that they are looking forward to the sacraments including weekly Masses and the opportunity for confession, praying before and after class, chapel visits in the morning before school begins, and adoration.

Distance learning was a challenge for all, but Mountaineers embraced the experience, learned a lot about themselves, and expressed real gratitude for their teachers. However, at the end of the day, it is evident than nothing replaces the on-campus learning experience of the Mountaineer community.



Stay tuned for a blog next week with what students learned about themselves.

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