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Many thanks to Everest’s art teacher, Mrs. Carrie Mazure, who has prepared in a virtual art show providing parents and students the opportunity see student art work from throughout the school year which ordinarily would have been displayed as part of Everest’s fine arts night in May.

Art is a universal language. It bridges time and culture, allowing us access into the depths of the souls of strangers. It expresses the human experience, offering us a full spectrum of perspectives, which can help us to navigate our own. It has the power to heal, to educate, to transform, to unite. Pope St. John Paul II summarized it perfectly in his Letter to Artists when he said, “Humanity in every age, and even today, looks to works of art to shed light upon its path and its destiny.” 

My goal as an art educator is, above all, to ignite the spark of creativity that exists in every student. Because of this, my priority is process over product, and my hope is that all students might experience the joy of creating, the thrill of curiosity, and a profound love of learning. Regardless of background or skill level, all students can benefit from an art class, because art fundamentally expands our ability to think, to observe, and to communicate. 

I am excited to be able to share the artwork of Everest Collegiate High School & Academy with you virtually, since we cannot hold our annual fine arts night this year. Please note, the artwork we created this year was intended to be seen in person, and the digital archive that I keep of student work is a summer organization project that I generally don’t make public. Therefore, unfortunately, many artworks did not yet have names on them when school was closed. I took photos of everything in my classroom before we had to leave, but a lot is missing, and I apologize for that. If you identify any nameless art projects, please let me know, and I can update them accordingly! I sincerely appreciate your help. 

I hope you enjoy seeing the creative work of our students, as much as I enjoyed curating it for you!

Mrs. Mazure, Visual Arts Teacher