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“All 7th and 8th grade literature classes have two independent book reports for the school year, each one due at the end of each semester. They are supposed to be creative and not just write a traditional book report. I give them many options, such as a scrapbook, diorama, PowerPoint presentation, and many more. They also have to incorporate the items from a detailed rubric into their project. Elements such as point of view, theme, conflict, setting, etc… I had some really good ones this year, especially since they are home and using materials they have at their disposal.” -Mrs. Karen Beggs

Mauricio Alvarez made a flip book online about The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. 

Mercedez Arinez made a PowerPoint presentation which included a comic book summary of the plot of Percy Jackson & The Olympians. 

Lucy Thewes also made a colorful slideshow about her chosen book, The Thing About Jellyfish.

Maria Willertz wrote a report about The Phantom Tollbooth and included images from a diorama she created at home.