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Eighth graders are finishing a chapter in their educational journeys as they finish their elementary educations and move on to high school. Each year Everest recognizes the accomplishments of eighth grade students as they transition to high school. Their years at Everest Academy mark the foundation of their educational experiences. Here they learned to read, to spell, and to add and subtract. Throughout the year they have developed skills in public speaking, leadership, and responsibility. They stand prepared to begin their high school careers with a strong set of habits, ready to continue to hone their critical thinking skills, ability to judge according to the light of truth, and capacity to express themselves clearly and coherently.

We asked eighth graders to share some of their favorite academy memories, lessons learned, and hopes for high school.

Favorite memories included all aspects of student life. Highlights included time with friends, recess tournaments, raising the flags daily, and special activities including the annual middle school girls’ lock-in, B16 tournament, JPII tournament, and integration trips. Maria Sofia Montemayor, an international student who has returned to Mexico shared, “Every single day someone made me smile in school. I will never forget how happy I was there.” Her classmate Caroline Beggs shared, “My favorite memory is honestly the little things that brighten each day, like having a good conversation with a teacher or having fun with my friends. I also enjoy the bigger things I look forward to like the B16, lock-in, or All Saints’ Day.” Ravi Iyer shared, “One of my favorite memories from middle school is going on the integration trip. I enjoyed playing games on the trip and hanging out with my friends.”

What are students looking forward to in high school? Ana Mata Aguilar is looking forward to using a Chromebook, the high school school schedule which ends earlier, and new people. Kathleen Thibodeau shared, “For high school, I am most looking forward to playing sports and getting to know all the other high school students. I am excited to experience new activities and privileges that come with being in high school.” All of them are looking forward to meeting new people, getting to know new teachers, and the new experiences they will have.

Finally, student reflected on the greatest lessons they’ve learned:

“I learned to fight through adversity.” -Matthew Bautel

“To always give 100% and never give up.” -Daniela Garza

“How to strive to be the very best that I can be.” -Lucy Thewes

“God love us all and always.” -Noah Taylor

“To be charitable and humble.” -Christian Lazzara

“I have learned to never give up no matter how hard a situation is.” -Joe Milosch

“Bad things happen for a reason.” -Eugenio Torres

“To be Semper Altius.” -Demarco Valentino

Congratulations eighth graders on all your achievements! Your teachers are proud of you and are confident you will go on to do great things in high school!