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Eighteen years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mylod established the Father Lorenzo Gomez Renaissance of Values Scholarship. The scholarship recognizes and encourages the development of the traits of spirituality, family orientation, industriousness, service, and scholarship.  This scholarship was named in honor of Fr. Lorenzo Gomez, LC, co-founder and chaplain of Everest Collegiate High School & Academy, who truly exemplifies these ideals.  The scholarship provides a one-time, $6000 award toward a student’s high school tuition. This year the scholarship committee recognizes two recipients of the scholarship: Erin Carr and Kathleen Thibodeau. Everest president Mr. Michael Nalepa visited each of the students last week on behalf of the scholarship committee to present the recipients with the award.

Erin has stood out among her peers for her leadership, authenticity, and love of learning. She uses her God-given talents in a responsible and conscientious manner. The formation that Everest has offered her has not been lost on her. One of Erin’s teachers shared, “School matters to her, and she achieves to her potential.” Another shared, “She is a strong and confident young lady who is not afraid to stand up for what is right.” Erin is well on her way to achieving the goals for every Everest student. We are confident that with her decision and fortitude, she will continue to develop her God-given talents over your next four years at Everest Collegiate. Congratulations, Erin!

One word sticks out when Kathleen’s teachers describe her: joy. Kathleen is a natural leader with a heart to serve others. One of her teachers shared, “Kathleen always has a smile on her face. Kathleen displays the virtues of charity, humility, and generosity in her friendships and relationships with her teachers. She is an outgoing individual who is always looking for ways to serve others before herself.” Kathleen’s leadership is born from a relationship with Christ and extends into every aspect of her life as an Everest student. We are confident that with these qualities Kathleen will continue to have a positive impact on her peers and on the Everest community throughout her next four years at Everest Collegiate.

On behalf of the entire faculty and staff at Everest, congratulations to both Erin and Kathleen on your achievement!