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This week for the Mountaineer Marian Challenge families were invited to crown Our Lady. This afternoon families can participate virtual in a May crowning with the consecrated women at 4:00 P.M. on Saturday by clicking here. Every year both high school and academy students crown Our Lady. This week, Mountaineers families have crowned Mary in their homes.

Freshmen Luke Walker shared a reflection on the honor we give to Mary, this month and always!

The best and fastest way to Jesus is through Mary. I’ve done the Marian consecration three times. I have learned that Mary is the ultimate mediatrix. There are true stories of when people die Jesus condemns them to Hell, but Mary asks Jesus to give them one more chance so he does. These people have woken up after as if they hadn’t been dead five minutes before. Jesus can’t refuse Mary because she is his mother. At the wedding of Cana, Jesus says, “Woman, my time has not yet come.” But he obeyed her anyway. He will never refuse Mary. Mary is the New Eve. 

Adam called Eve woman. Jesus called Mary woman

God said to Eve: I will put enmity between you and the serpent. Mary flees from the serpent in Revelation.

Eve listened to a bad angel and brought the fall of humanity. Mary listened to a good angel and brought the Savior.

Eve prompted Adam to make his first bad act. Mary prompted Jesus to do his first good act.

Eve is the flesh of Adam. Jesus is the flesh of Mary.

Eve is the mother of all living. Mary is the mother of all disciples of Jesus.

Death through eve. Life through Mary.

We do not worship Mary but give her due honor.”


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