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International students wrote reflections on the Stations of the Cross in ESL class. Images are from trips to the Holy Land of previous generations of international students. We pray for all those throughout the world who are missing experiences, knowing that God has a plan for all of us despite the present crosses we are carrying.

I. Jesus is Condemned to Death

“Dear Jesus, As you stnad beside Pontius Pilate, you are condemned to death, not arguing about it and accepting it even though it was unjust. Lord, help me to be obedient to authority the first time. Help me to follow your example of obedience and not argue, just as you did when you were condemned.” -Eduardo Sanchez Alvarez

II. Jesus Accepts His Cross

“Jesus, you accepted the cross for us, you who suffered for us to be able to make us go to heaven. We ask you for strength to be able to overcome the coronavirus and any other sufferings we have in life.” -Rodrigo Tapia

III. Jesus Fall the First Time

“I think that this stations has a really good reflection because Jesus fell for the first time, it reflects when we all fall because of sin. It seems very difficult to stand up. Here, he teaches us how to stand up, no matter how hard or how painful it is. He will always be looking at us and giving us the strength to do it.” -Marifer V.

IV. Jesus Meets His Mother

“This is a really sad station. Mary was looking at Jesus, an she couldn’t do anything. They had hope in the good things that were coming after.” – Sebastian V.

V. Simon Carries the Cross for Jesus

“God, Simon helped you to carry  your cross. It was an act of great charity. I want to be like Simon, so I can help others. Simon didn’t fear because you were beside him.” – Donghwan Won

VI. Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

“Jesus, I know how Veronica wiped your face. She was so brave to help you. Help me to be like Veronica – brave and charitable.” -Maria Jose Perez

VII. Jesus Falls the Second Time

“Jesus, I can’t imagine how horrible and painful it was when you fell, but you stood up and kept carrying your own cross. Help me to have the patience you had and stand up again, even if I am tired or in pain. Help me to remember how much you suffered and to offering it all for you.” -Ines R.

VIII. Jesus Consoles the Women of Jerusalem

“Jesus, help me to be wise. I want to know that the world is not all about me. I’m sure you were scared but you didn’t stop thinking about others until the end.” -Sophie Kim

IX. Jesus Fall the Third Time

“Jesus, give me the strength to never give up and always have faith in God, that he is going to help me to counsel others and be kind.” -Arelly Cortes

X. Jesus is Stripped of His Garments

“Sometimes I only think about myself and shop for clothes for myself instead of remembering I don’t need much. I can imagine your suffering and embarrassment in front of everyone, but you were still there, naked, and you did this for us.” – Maria Sofia Montemayor

XI. Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

“Jesus, I can’t imagine how brave you were in this moment. You could have stopped them, but you didn’t because you love us. Then you screamed, ‘Forgive them, Father, because they don’t know what they are doing.’ Help me with the small sufferings that I have in my life.” -Mariana Vega

XII. Jesus Dies on the Cross

“God Almighty, maker of everything, living and non-living, you came down from heaven with all its joys to suffer greatly and die. Jesus, you who least deserved death, who went willingly to suffering and earth. Help us trust in you in everything, to be able to follow you blindly, to be able to know that, close to you, anything is possible. Give us strength to be able to give our whole life to you, trusting you will make of it the best possible.” -Eduardo Cantu Diaz

XIII. Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross

“Mary, when I look at you holding you son, I’m very sorry because he died for us. Imagine if it was you. Imagine how your mom would feel. That’s what he did for us. After Mary saw all the things that they did to her son, then she held her dead son in her arms.” -Pablog

XIV. Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

“From Jesus’s laying in the tomb, I learn to try to be like him by keeping all my anger under control just like him. This will help me be a better person by helping those in need.” -Francisco