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With school cancellations, academy teachers did not have the opportunity to recognize Mountaineers of the Month for exhibiting the virtue of the month. Parents helped by nominating their children who lived the virtue of the month. Elementary students demonstrated the virtue of responsibility – doing what they know they must do because of who they are: children of God, a son or daughter, a student, a sibling, and a friend. Middle school students demonstrated integrity and authenticity – living in the truth. Authenticity speaks of being true to oneself and living in a way that is consistent with who a person is and what they believe in, no matter the circumstances or what other people say

Congratulations to these Mountaineers who exemplified these virtues!

Justin Arcidi, Kindergarten

Justin has shown great responsibility by getting ready each day on his own. He puts away his crayons and toys after use.”

Mason McGovern, First Grade

“Mason is always such an attentive young man. He is very organized and has done an amazing job staying organized and working hard to complete all of his assignments through distance learning.”

Jake Foskett, Second Grade

Jake has shown great responsibility over the last few weeks. He has increased his responsibilities on his own to be more helpful to his family by doing more chores each day since most of us are stuck at home. Jake is also the one to remind us of the classroom routines regarding daily prayer which keeps us right on track. It’s such a joy to see Jake happily begins his distance learning each day without any complaints. He deserves this month!”

Vinay Iyer, Second Grade

Vinay has been a leader in our home with the idea of duty. In light of today’s challenges, he remains focused on his health, school, family, and devotions. I believe he exemplifies the virtue of responsibility with a positive attitude.”

Vincent Pruchnicki, Third Grade

Vincent is extremely responsible, from completing his schoolwork and organizing all his papers and books to helping take care of his little brother Joey when mom and dad need help. He is a wonderful example of being responsible in our family.”

Aviannah Cronin, Fifth Grade

“Aviannah is an amazing sister, who always tries to help both her older and younger brother with school work, work around the house, and with other “day-to-day” things. She helps me, her mom, with the dishes and housework. She is responsible and is the first one to tackle all her school work. She takes pride in her work and always strives to do her best. She takes care of her belongings and goes out of her way to help around the house. She is a good friend and cousin who like to laugh! She is making the most out of this time of being “socially distant” and comes up with creative ways to have social time with her cousins through FaceTime. She tries her best to act in the image of God and reminds herself often to behave as Jesus would.”

Joe Milosch, 8th Grade

Joe is a hard worker. He gets up on his own each day and starts on his school work. Joe never complains about working and does his work with great effort and care. I am proud of Joe for all he does. When he is not doing his school work, he is always chipping around the house and helping me out with his baby sister.”


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