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Today’s Mountaineer Integral Formation Challenge focused on intellectual formation. Everest students practice skills and habits to form themselves as leaders with a wealth of knowledge and the ability to express themselves clearly. Certainly our students are forming new skills and habits at home. There are too many photos to share, but we will share more in the coming week.

There has been a lot of hands-on learning.

In Mrs. Cook’s 7G life science distance learning class, the students have been studying viruses. They have learned how viruses are considered non-living because they do not share the same characteristics as a living organism. Students also now understand how viruses are transmitted and how best to treat a viral infection. To wrap up the section on viruses, the students were given two templates to create two different models of viruses. Clare Terbrack’s model was creative.

Here is Giada Mirjah with her model.

In Mrs. Cook’s 6B and 6G literature class, the students finished reading the novel Wonder. To kick-off their Wonder character writing project, the students made an art project depicting both faces of the characters they will be writing about. Simon Engle is shown here with his project. When the picture is viewed from the left you see Auggie, and when from the right you see the character Julian.

Teddy Sierminski made a timeline.

Adam Tibudan experimented with simple machines using a pendulum.

Tessa Ioco is learning new things in the kitchen.

International students are working hard from far away. Alexa Morales is working hard and getting her work in on time.

Math skills are essential. Preschool Rayne Sickmiller is putting her numbers in order.

Justin Arcidi is doing his Mad Minute.

Second graders including Gianna Wolschleger used measuring skills to complete a baking project.

Ella Cross got some help from big brother, Jack, or maybe he just wanted a sample!

High school students have been demonstrating focus and discipline. (Lucia Dominguez)

Students are reading (Caroline Dale),

writing (Joseph Moran),

spelling (Charlotte Stacey),

and making connections (Alyssa Bennett).

Congratulations to all our students who are building habits, working hard, and growing Always Higher! Semper Altius!

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