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Everest Collegiate High School & Academy is blessed to have the presence of priests and consecrated women on campus to serve our students and our community. Kindergarten teacher, Michelle McGrath, shared her students’ impression of meeting Fr. Jason. Father serves the local community offering spiritual direction, Regnum Christi mini-retreats for women once a month on campus, and more. However, the students don’t always see him in the hallways.

“When we were attending Mass, my students noticed a “new” priest.  I tried to explain to my kids that he wasn’t new and that his name was Fr. Jason.  He overheard our conversation and said he would love to visit.  Yesterday, the junior kindergarten and kindergarten classes welcomed Fr. Jason by calling him the “Pope.” He felt honored.  😊  He taught the children a song, and the kids munched on donuts.”

Thank you to all the priests and consecrated who serve our students everyday!