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5th graders spent a morning in middle school shadowing an older student. Here is what they had to say about the experience:

What was the best part of shadow day?

  • Getting to meet some of the teachers I will have next year.
  • Being with my sister and getting to see what she does during the day.
  • Seeing a new environment and teachers.
  • Going to lunch and art, and hanging out with the sixth graders. They made my day! They were nice.
  • Seeing what it is going to be like next year and seeing the best way to bring my stuff from place to place. I also loved having fun with all of the teachers.
  • The teachers that we spent time with throughout the day

What is one thing you learned about middle school that you didn’t know?

  • I learned that you have to time your homework so on the last day you don’t have so much homework.
  • Middle school has more privileges than elementary school.
  • The teachers are really nice and funny, and they are a little flexible if you are a little late.
  • I learned about NJHS and what they do.
  • You get to take an elective course.
  • Middle schoolers have to be on top of things in order to not get in trouble or be late.
  • They get to choose a few of their classes.
  • The schedule is a lot different.
  • The work load seems challenging.

What are you looking forward to in middle school?

  • Having international students in my class.
  • Being able to sit where I want at lunch.
  • Being more independent and changing every class period.
  • Getting new teachers and going from class to class.
  • Being able to wear skirts (as opposed to jumpers).
  • Bigger lockers in the 7th grade.
  • Looking forward to electives in the E-hour
  • I’m excited for middle school because of the khakis.
  • Looking forward to the clubs like chess