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Guest post by EC junior Lauren Marshall with photos by EC junior Sydney Cooper and EC yearbook staff.

“Yesterday, the Everest Collegiate Thespian Induction Ceremony took place. The ceremony was conducted in order to induct 11 students into Troupe 8546 of the International Thespian Society, as well as to honor many of the current members with subsequent honors. The International Thespian Society strives to give young adults a place for outstanding theatre where the standards of excellence in theatre arts are advanced and to honor those students who do theatre well. The society is the world’s largest honor society, recognizing excellence and achievement in middle school and high school theatre students, with more than 2.3 million students inducted since its beginning. Current Thespian officers conducted the ceremony: Rachel Scott as president, Danielle Brown as vice president, Angela Tibudan and Theresa Waller as secretaries, and Maggie Smith as treasurer. 

There were 11 new inductees ranging from freshmen to seniors: Jonathan Brzezinski, Jessie Burns, Eduardo Dominguez, Lucia Dominguez, Andrea Gonzalvo, Eloise Lacey, Abby Milosch, Kristina Moran, Mary Pearson, Stephanie Suran, and Luke Walker. Angela Tibudan and Rachel Scott each leveled up in their rankings as Honor and International Thespians, respectively. The Thespian of the Year award was given to Grace Miller and Gabrielle Lazzara for their culminating achievements in their high school career.  Lastly, our students enjoyed several performances and presentations from our most talented thespians, encouraging membership to future Thespians.   

During the Thespian Festival this past December, current members Colleen Walker, Rachel Scott, and Grace Miller earned close to half a million dollars in scholarships for college. When competing for individual events, there are three ratings available: good, excellent, and superior. Everest is proud to say that every competitor received an excellent or higher. Colleen Walker, Angela Tibudan, Allison Brzezinski, and Jon Brzezinski received excellents. Margaret Smith, Danielle Brown, Anna Allard, Michelle Vilella, and Grace Miller were awarded the highest honor, superiors.  

Congratulations to all of the new inductees and current members, for their striving efforts to excel in all areas of drama and theatre. Everest Drama hopes to see you at the upcoming spring musical, Children of Eden, on March 13 and 14 at 7:00 P.M. and on March 15th at 2:00 P.M.”