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The Everest graduate possess a rich store of knowledge, a love for the truth, and a set of skills and habit necessary to tackle higher learning. Beginning in the academy, students are formed through a variety of activities to achieve this end. STREAM after-school programs are just one example. While learning to code or to paint, students also learn about saints who set the example for hard work and learning as it applies to the skills students are practicing in their clubs.

STREAM after-school programs were launched two years ago. This fall students once again participated in the programs, and here is what they had to say:

“I love learning something new every time.” -Mia Mandzuik

“It is a lot of fun!” – Charlotte Stacey

“Coding is fun because you play games.” -Daniel Magela

” I love being able put designs in my own painting.” -Branden Sandeen

“I love learning the detail in every painting.” -Sean Leahy

“I liked that I learned how to use Scratch.” -Nathan Iyer

“We get to paint different things every week.” -Leo Dziekonski

“Coding is easier than I thought it was going to be.” -Liela Gantos

And perhaps Stella Ioco said it best, “I love it all!”

This winter Everest students once again have the opportunity to participate in programs beginning in January. New students will jump right in and learn about coding or painting. Returning students will advance with new skills or pick up where they left off in their previous coding sessions. For more information about winter programs or to sign up today, click here.

Now Enrolling 2020-21 School Year