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Mountaineers of the Month of November were recognized at the monthly spirit assembly. These Mountaineers exhibited the virtue of gratitude. During the spirit assembly, each class in the academy had a representative share what their class is grateful for.

Johnny Neme

“Johnny exemplifies the virtue of gratitude. He works hard and truly appreciates the opportunity to learn at Everest. He is such an excellent role model especially when he demonstrates such enthusiasm to doing more work than assigned because he wants to learn more to become a better student. Johnny is polite and kind. He is aware of the good things that go on around him and makes others aware of those efforts. He gratefully gives to others both in spirit and through charitable causes.” – Mrs. Keusch, Fourth Grade

Caroline Dale

“Caroline is a beautiful example of gratefulness to her classmates.  Caroline is generous, compassionate, and very mindful of her friends.  She is always eager to congratulate someone when they win or have done something great. She is also one of the first ones to say thank you and help her friends when they need her.” -Mrs. Reichert, Junior Kindergarten

Jonah Reichert

“Jonah is very grateful for everything he has, and, because of this, he gives more freely from the heart. He is generous and kind to all. Jonah is very optimistic and doesn’t let other people’s attitudes change him. He is shining example of this month’s virtue.” -Mrs. Keusch, Fourth Grade


Michael Foskett

“Michael has been a total champ this year. He has been working hard to be a respectful student and friend, and it shows. He steps up as a leader in his class, and helps rally everyone when they’re having a hard time focusing or following directions. He has been an exemplary student this year, and an excellent model of respect.” -Mrs. Mazure, Art